Infinity RPG: Yu Jing

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Offering never-before-seen insights on the Jade Empire, this sourcebook will take you far beyond the Yu Jing¥s veil of mystery.

Details on the two key planets that have become the foundation of the StateEmpire: Shentang and Yutang.
Focused Lifepaths that allow players to immerse themselves in the diversity and duality of the StateEmpire, including Imperial Agents, Ninjas, and Those Without Name.
Additional armour, equipment, and adversaries specifi c to Yu Jing, including the deadly Neokatana, the ground-breaking S¥-Ji¥n Immediate Action Unit, and stats for several unique adversaries.
Various discourses on the far-reaching effects of the hard-fought Uprising that led to the recent secession of Great Japan, plus several Lifepaths that provide an opportunity to play an agent of Emperor Hiroshi¥s will.

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Infinity RPG: Yu Jing
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