Woodland Dwellers


When venturing deep into the forest, be mindful of the myriad of creatures that you may encounter on your path. Prepare yourself, as a simple stroll through the woods can quickly turn into a fight for survival. Especially if you come across a cunning witch or a hungry werewolf.

1x Fungal 1
1x Fungal 2
1x Swamp Zombie
1x Witch
1x Wasp 1
1x Centipede 1
1x Centipede 2
1x White Stag
1x Wasp 2
1x Wasp 3
1x Small Spider 1
1x Small Spider 2
1x Small Spider 3
1x Wolf 1
1x Wolf 2
1x Black Unicorn
1x Werewolf Man
1x Carnivore Plant
1x Satyr
1x Shambling Mound
1x Manticore
1x Werewolf
1x Centaur Shaman
1x Centaur Archer
1x Centaur Warrior
1x Swamp Golem
1x Wolf 3
1x Peryton
1x Spider Queen
1x Fungal Queen

Please Note:
Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.

*Limited inventory, will not be restocking

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Woodland Dwellers
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