Wing Leader: Supremacy [2nd Edition]

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The second edition of Wing Leader: Supremacy will include major updates to the original version, including brand new scenarios and data cards. These changes are significant enough that we are offering an update kit separately to original owners. The updated components to the second edition (with noted changes) are:
1 Rulebook (UPDATED)
1 Scenario Book (UPDATED with new scenarios and expanded by 12 pages)
1 34x22 Mounted Mapboard
1 Bombing Player Aid (UPDATED)
2 Air Combat Player Aids (UPDATED)
1 Battle Board
2 Wing Displays
4 Countersheets
6 Aircraft Data Card Sheets (UPDATED)
1 NEW Mixed Sheet of Aircraft Data Cards and Counters (4 ADCs and over 40 counters)
2 Six-Sided Dice

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Wing Leader: Supremacy [2nd Edition]
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