Viscounts of the West Kingdoom: Collector's Box


Store all Viscounts Contents in One Box!

This Collector's Box is designed to fit Viscounts, Gates of Gold, Keeper of Keys, and all additional content, such as promos and metal coins. It fits sleeved cards. The box is the same size as the Collector's Boxes for Raiders of the North Sea and Paladins of the West Kingdom (295x295x69mm).

Requires Viscounts of the West Kingdom.


  • Collector’s Box that can fit all the contents of the base game, Gates of Gold,Keeper of Keys, and promos!
  • Form-fitted plastic tray, works with sleeved cards!
  • Includes 12 New Promo Items (4 Outsider Cards, 4 Hero Townsfolk Cards, 4 Chest Tiles)


  • Organizer insert designed for Viscounts of the West Kingdom and the expansions:Gates of Gold and Keeper of Keys.
  • Crossover Promo Pack:
    • 4 Outsider Cards
    • 4 HeroTownsfolk Cards
    • 4 Chest Tiles

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Viscounts of the West Kingdoom: Collector's Box
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