VHS RPG: Bloodlust

VHS: Very Horror Stories is a Horror Role Play Game inspired by 70's, 80's, and 90's classics such as Hellraiser, Nightmare, Alien, Halloween and many more, coming in three stand-alone boxed sets that allow you to play in a different subgenre of Horror each. Press Play and Scream! Each VHS can be played alone without needing the other two. The basic rules are contained in each box, but for each VHS change (in addition to the contents) the adaptation rules to different settings, the lists of traits, the special abilities and the customization guidelines. Do you hear sharpening knives and chainsaws roaring in the night? Then hope to be fast enough to outrun them or lucky enough to die quickly. Welcome to Bloodlust, the VHS dedicated to slasher movies. Prepare to bloodthirsty murderers, cannibal families and creatures that live to kill and feed on pain. YOUR pain. No escape from their clutches. No one to hear your screaming. No flashlight to light the path to salvation from their blood-soaked dens

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VHS RPG: Bloodlust
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