SoB: Valley of the Serpent Kings Adventure Set

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Valley of the Serpent Kings is an exciting new entry point for players into the world of Shadows of Brimstone! This Adventure Set features a group of Spanish Conquistador Heroes setting out in the Age of Exploration, where Darkness fills the jungles and abandoned stone forts, and vicious Serpentmen raid the local villages and slither to war against humanity. With a full Narrative Campaign, and a host of new Enemies to fight, the Conquistadors build and customize their Expedition Camp along the way, allying with the Aztecs to stand against the might of the Serpentmen, and exploring shimmering gateways that lead back into the Valley of the Serpent Kings, deep within the murky swamps of Jargono.

This Age of Exploration-themed Shadows of Brimstone dungeon crawler can be played by 1-4 players on its own, but is also fully compatible with all other Shadows of Brimstone products.

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SoB: Valley of the Serpent Kings Adventure Set
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