Vaesen: Lost Mountain Saga

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An ancient stone has been discovered in the dark caves of the Mythic North. Protected for thousands of years by creatures no longer walking this earth, these sacred stones were never meant to be found. However, as is the nature of human curiosity and greed, exploitation soon begins with little regard for potential risks or consequences.

The Lost Mountain Saga is an epic campaign of five Mysteries for Vaesen – Nordic Horror Roleplaying. Players can expect to encounter ancient mysteries, old Nordic folk tales, social intrigue, and unspeakable horrors lurking in every shadow as they travel across the North and slowly uncover the truth.

The Lost Mountain Saga is written by actor and podcaster Ellinor DiLorenzo and based on her original podcast with the same name but expanded and modified for this official release. The hardback book is beautifully illustrated by Johan Egerkrans and Anton Vitus.

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Vaesen: Lost Mountain Saga
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