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US Airborne Starter Army

From their role in the ill-fated Operation Market Garden to the crossing of the River Rhine and the push into the German homeland these battle-hardened fighting men have been immortalized in film and television.

This great value boxed set gives you all you need to start playing with the elite forces of the US Airborne. Equipped in the M-43 paratrooper uniforms, introduced in 1944 they are perfect for actions during Operation Market Garden, the liberation of mainland Europe, crossing the Rhine or the final push into Germany itself!

Whether you plan to field them as the 101st 'Screaming Eagles' , 82nd 'All American', 17th 'Thunder from Heaven' or 13th 'Golden Unicorns' Airborne Divisions this starter force is built around a strong core of battle-hardened paratroopers and vital support teams the US Airborne are a match for all but the most heavily equipped opponents.

  • 36x US Airborne Infantry (plastic)
  • 4x US Airborne HQ Figures (metal)
  • 1x US Airborne .50 Cal HMG Team (metal)
  • 1x US Airborne Medium Mortar Team (metal)
  • 1x US Airborne 57mm Anti-tank Gun (metal)
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Full-colour Decal Sheets
  • Plastic Bases
Please note: Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.

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US Airborne Starter Army
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