Turbo Sleuth

A murder most foul has been committed! Was it Old miser McGreedy's wastrel of a son? The suspicious maid? The business partner? The oddly nonchalant butler?

Turbo Sleuth is a puzzle speed solving game.Compete simultaneously to find the solution!

Take the Case: Choose one of 5 cases to solve, with dozens of possible solutions depending on which cards are drawn!
Survey the Scene: Search quickly for the right clues! Some might look right at first glance, but will lead you astray...
Accuse the Culprit: Lock in your answer fast to solve the mystery, and score the most points!
Only the first few players may attempt to solve the case, but a rush to a hasty wrong judgement, and the murderer will up the ante for the next round!

Nab the culprint before time runs out!

2-8 players
Ages 10+
20 minute play time

16 Score Tokens
16 Answer Cards
8 Clue Cards
1 Rulebook

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Turbo Sleuth
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