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Tome of Wondrous Items [5E]

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Tome of Wondrous Items — the companion volume to the acclaimed Tome of Alchemy — offers a vast array of resources for creative game mastery. Learn about the fascinating-but-disgusting brain jar, the ring of the smoke wyrm, the terrifying rod of necromancy, the staff of the arch-spider, the wand of runes, and the scepter of the heavens!

What else is lurking inside the Tome of Wondrous Items?
- All the Basics: Chapters filled with magical armor, rings, rods, scrolls, staves, wands, wondrous items, and weapons!
- Magical Tattoos: As a bonus (and because the author loves his tattoos and skin art in general), the book contains an appendix covering magical tattoos: how to get them, how to use them, and their powers.
- Otherworldly Items: Not all magic is of this world. Using otherworldly items often comes at great peril. Normal identification magic yields nothing; the only sure way is a combination of research into dusty tomes and dangerous experimentation. If weird tech items such as golem suits and energy projectors are your thing, you're covered and energized.
- New Spells: New spells such as obfuscate nature and suppress item, as well as optional rules for dealing with magical conjunction and panoplies of items!
- New Monsters: Some of these wondrous items summon strange things. Be wary of the spell moth!

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Tome of Wondrous Items [5E]
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