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Unearth: The Lost Tribe


The hit dice placement game Unearth is back with The Lost Tribe, a 3-in-1 expansion that builds on the original in every way! The three expansions include:

Enhancements to the core 2-4 player game: New wonders, new Delver cards, and all-new colorless stones dramatically change the Unearth base game.
Expanded 5 player mode: New Canyon ruins and a new set of Delver dice allow you to expand your game to a fifth player.
Solo play: A challenging solo campaign, Against the Darkness, pits a single player against an ever growing Darkness. Unique rules and seven different scenarios provide continued replayability.
The Lost Tribe includes 60 new cards, 35 new tokens, a full-color rulebook, and a plastic Delvers miniature.

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Unearth: The Lost Tribe
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