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The Fantasy Trip Companion

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The TFT Companion is a collection of articles, starting with Steve Jackson’s original designer’s notes and errata published in The Space Gamer in 1980. It includes a collection of optional rules, expansions, and adventures created by fans for the magazines of the day, and closes with a collection of the articles posted online as part of the TFT Kickstarter in 2018.

So: 38 years of history of a classic old-school RPG, from birth to . . . well, to rebirth . . . brought together for your enjoyment. Good gaming!

With articles by Aaron Allston, Jim Dickey, David R. Dunham, Richard A. Edwards, Dan Goodsell, Steve Jackson, Jennell Jaquays, Forrest Johnson, Ronald Pehr, Steve Perrin, Phil Reed, Philip Rennert, Tom Riley, Ralph Sizer, and the entrants of the Space Gamer Magic Items Contest

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The Fantasy Trip Companion
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