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The Acts: Deluxe Ed.

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Christ has ascended to Heaven. The disciples have waited in Jerusalem for the coming of the Holy Spirit. Now, filled with its power, they embark upon the great commission, to spread the gospel message throughout Judea, and to the ends of the earth.

In The Acts, you take on the role of disciples in the early church. Starting in Judea, you can spread throughout the Roman Empire, sharing the gospel in the goal of saving souls. Each turn you can preach, pray, plant churches, write letters, disciple others, and perform mighty miracles. Race to reach the farthest provinces first, or focus your strategy around the spiritual gifts you have prayed for. With multiple paths to victory, every game is unique. The game board features the familiar map of the first missionary journeys and each card in the game highlights scripture passage. The Acts is faithful to the Bible, yet requires no biblical knowledge to play and enjoy.

—description from the publisher

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The Acts: Deluxe Ed.
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