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Terrain Brush Kit

The ultimate brush selection for terrain painting! The Terrain Brush Kit contains 4 brushes designed especially for painting your XPS foam, styro foam, and MDF board terrain pieces.

Effects Brush - Perfect for painting effects like arcane symbols, bloody bullet holes, and rusted metal on your fantasy and sci-fi terrain.

Wash Brush - The wash technique is the best way to add depth and shading to your terrain pieces. This brush is the best tool for the job.

Medium Drybrush - Drybrushing is a huge part of terrain painting. The Medium Drybrush is perfect for more detailed work.

Large Drybrush - The Large Drybrush brush is great for basecoating or drybrushing the larger areas on your newly created terrain pieces.

1 Effects Brush
1 Wash Brush
1 Medium Drybrush
1 Large Drybrush

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Terrain Brush Kit
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