Tamashii: Forbidden Chapter

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This expansion contains more complex and more demanding scenarios. Players also get new Boss, new Bodies and new mechanics with destabilization and Inari tokens. Contrary to the main storyline, the adventures of Forbidden Chapter mostly take place in provinces and smaller villages.

FORBIDDEN CHAPTER EXPANSION: Dive into the Forbidden Chapter expansion for Tamashii: Chronicle Of Ascend and unveil a thrilling new dimension of the game.
RICH NARRATIVE: Experience an engrossing storyline filled with mystery and intrigue as you explore the enigmatic Forbidden Realm.
NEW CHARACTERS & CHALLENGES: Encounter powerful foes and allies, each with their own unique abilities, adding depth and excitement to your adventures.
EXPAND YOUR CAMPAIGN: Enhance your Tamashii gaming experience with this expansion, offering fresh quests, items, and scenarios to keep your campaign ever-evolving.
COMPATIBLE WITH CORE GAME: Combine the Forbidden Chapter with the Tamashii: Chronicle Of Ascend base game for an expanded and immersive gameplay experience.

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Tamashii: Forbidden Chapter
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