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Star Trek Away Missions: Q Organized Play Kit

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Q, an enigmatic entity from the Q Continuum, delights in spreading chaos in the lives of mere mortals, instilling valuable lessons in the process. This organized play kit has everything you need to play a four-game campaign for up to ten players. Perfect to bring your gaming group together for a big event or ongoing meetings.

This Organised Play Kit comes with 10x Q models and 10 sets of ‘Mortal Q’ cards, so everyone who takes part goes home with a Q model, character card, and card deck, which can be used as the Mission Specialist in their Away Team.

The Q Organized Play Kit contains everything you need to support an event for ten players, including:

10x Q Miniatures
10x Q Character Cards
150x Cards
62x Tokens

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Star Trek Away Missions: Q Organized Play Kit
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