Blood Bowl: Spike Journal Issue 15

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This issue includes:

- Warriors of Legend: background on the origins of Amazon teams in Blood Bowl, and how they play on the pitch. Includes information on their team positions, Star Players, and a team roster.

- Famous Amazon Teams: descriptions and background on some of the more famous Norse teams, including the Feathered Jaguars, Patraxi Pythons, Skywatch Sentinels, and Great River Wardens.

- Kara Temple Harpies Team Spotlight: an in-depth article focusing on the Kara Temple Harpies, the most recent Amazon team to have taken the Blood Bowl pitch by storm. Includes details of their history, team profile and colours, honours, Spike! team rating, as well as the roster of their triumphant 2499-2500 squad, and loads more.

- Star Player – Estelle la Veneaux: a profile on the Baroness of the Bayou, said by some to an embodiment of the Amazonian goddess Rigg – and by others to be a half-crazed Amazon covered in frogs – detailing her uncanny powers and vengeful career.

- Dirt from the Dugout: this time Mindy Piewhistle investigates the scandalous rumours surrounding the Genaina Javelins and their new, beautifully-scaled fashion brand.

- Star Player – Glotl Stop: a profile on this infamous Kroxigor Blocker, known to many as the Primordial Nightmare – or the Scaled Slasher. Though he often has trouble distinguishing friend from foe on the pitch, that's only added to the impressive body count Glotl's racked up in his explosive career.

- Amazonian Temple Leagues: brand new rules and advice for running the Amazonian Temple Leagues – a variant on the standard Blood Bowl league season, allowing players to compete in the Jungle Bowl – open to all teams with the usual budget of 1,000,000 gold pieces – for the mysterious Jungle Bowl Cup. Also includes unique tables for Sweltering Jungle Weather, Temple-City Kick-off, Lustrian Locals, and the effects of Ancient Artefacts.

- Overgrown Jungle Blood Bowl Pitch: includes rules for using the Overgrown Jungle Blood Bowl Pitch in your games, including special rules for the Jungle Floor and Torrential Downpour. These rules are also included with the Amazon Team – Double-sided Pitch and Dugouts Set.

- Coffin Corner: Spike! Journal's obituaries column commemorating those players who are no longer with us, whether trampled on the pitch, torn apart, or possibly eaten.

- Chat with the Rat: ace Skaven reporter Hackspit ‘the Scribbler’ Quillchewer meets with Klara Vytis, Groundswoman for the Obsidian Ocelots, to discuss the many, many challenges of maintaining a game-ready Blood Bowl pitch in the depths of the Lustrian jungle.

- Amazon Balls: includes background and rules for two unique Amazon Balls – the Crystal Skull Ball and the Snake-Swallowed Ball.

- Secrets of the Amazons: a detailed introduction to coaching Amazon teams. Includes an overview of the strengths of their team, positions, tactics, and more.

- Star Player – Boa Kon'ssstriktr: a profile on the 'Scheming Serpent' himself, detailing how this mysterious and hypnotic Snakeman rose to prominence by tripping up enemy teams.

- Dungeon Bowl Update – Amazon Teams: provides a narrative and rules update for players to use their Amazon team miniatures in games of Dungeon Bowl.

- Mighty Blow! – Jungle Fever: a look back on some of the tall tales from the career of Bob Bifford. Includes a comic strip Bob Bifford reminiscing about his time in Lustria.

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Blood Bowl: Spike Journal Issue 15
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