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HeroClix: Spider-Man Beyond Amazing Play at Home Kit


Play at Home Kits return with more packed into them than ever before! Play at Home Kits are a great way of getting exciting figures and HeroClix maps to players who may or may not be able to visit their local game store. With a clear window to show off the character inside, players know exactly what hero they are getting when they pick up the Peter Parker kit!

For the first time, this Play at Home Kit comes with the reutrn of a fan-favorite object with all-new gameplay as well as one of the most exciting maps yet!

*This kit contains:

  • 1 Limited Edition Spider-Man HeroClix Figure with Character Card
  • 1 Limited Edition Symbiote HeroClix Object with Object Card
  • 1 Brand-New Double-Sided Map

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HeroClix: Spider-Man Beyond Amazing Play at Home Kit
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