Space Freaks: Violet Morass

$34.95 $17.48

With Space Freaks: The Violet Morass, discover two new arenas buried amongst the deadly thickets and perilous waters of the planet Azorax 5.

Mow down everything in your path as you claim new territory. Erect your corporate flag over a Neutral Base and score victory points each turn. Revel in the amazing combinations of new head- and body parts. Create Freak upgrades in laboratories to propel your Freaks to the next lethal level. Outwit your opponents by integrating new equipment into your game tactics. Be on the lookout for any tricks up the new Arena Master’s sleeve.

Staying in Myron’s favor may even allow you to modify the laws of Space Freaks.


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Space Freaks: Violet Morass
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