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Small Royal Purple Eclipse Matte DP [60]

Protect your cards during gameplay with new Eclipse Matte Small Deck Protector sleeves! The Eclipse Series of Deck Protector sleeves are made with multi-layer film including an added black layer to prevent the back of the cards from showing through the colored side.

The Eclipse Matte sleeves use matte clear material on the card face side to show the card while minimizing glare and offering a unique, smooth, and professional shuffling experience. This product is sized to fit small (Yu-Gi-Oh!) size gaming cards with dimensions of 62mm X 89mm, and is made with archival-safe (non-PVC) film. Each pack comes with 60 sleeves.

Protect your tabletop game cards from damage during gameplay with Ultra PRO's Eclipse multi-layer Deck Protector sleeves
Made with multi-layer film to prevent the back of cards from showing through
Produced with non-PVC, acid-free archival-safe polypropylene film
Sized to fit small (62mm X 89mm) size cards such as Yu-Go-Oh! Trading Card Gamecards
60 individual sleeves per pack

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Small Royal Purple Eclipse Matte DP [60]
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