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The Expanse: Ships of the Expanse

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Spaceships are the arteries that connect the planets, moons, stations, and colonies of the Solar System. Now Ships of the Expanse brings them into full focus for your RPG campaign. From shuttles and racing pinnaces to lumbering ice-haulers and massive warships, this sourcebook describes them all and provides deck plans for every ship. You’ll find histories, rules, and details on over thirty classes of spaceships, plus info on famous named ships like the LDSS Nauvoo and the Rocinante. Ships of the Expanse also features new ship qualities and flaws, details on space stations, rules for maintenance and repair, info on buying and selling cargo, new fleet command and crew stunts, and much more. It’s a must for every Game Master of The Expanse RPG.

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The Expanse: Ships of the Expanse
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