Sherlock Holmes (Heroclix Iconix)

The game is afoot!

Heralded as the world’s greatest detective, Sherlock Holmes has established an enduring legacy as a cultural icon whose name is synonymous with sleuthing and deduction. Prepare to be transported to 221B Baker Street, where you’ll meet Sherlock and his most trusted companion, Dr. Watson. While playing as the perfect duo for an elegant and intelligent strategy, winning is elementary!

Crime is common, logic is rare!

Will you weave a web of chaos or try to unravel it with your masterful investigating? The choice is yours as you venture through Victorian London in search of the ever-elusive Napoleon of Crime, Professor Moriarty, or mistress of disguise, Irene Adler. Both masterminds have dials full of synergy and surprises for you to discover!

Eliminate the impossible!

If you crave something of the supernatural persuasion, the Hell Hound of the Baskervilles will add some heat to your force! Emerging from the moors and muck, the beast lunges forward to attack, teeth bared! While everyone else is pondering and plotting, the hound will make sure there is no shortage of good old fashioned sparring!

HeroClix Iconix: Sherlock Holmes is the definitive collectible for any armchair detective or Holmes fanatic. Rapt in the tension of a supreme battle of wits, Sherlock and his greatest adversaries are an essential essential addition to your bookshelf or the battlefield. Your next Baker Street brawl is about to begin!

This product contains:

Six figures and their character cards
Sherlock Holmes (with Magnifying Glass)
Sherlock Holmes (with Cane Sword)
Dr. Watson
Professor Moriarty
Irene Adler
Hell Hound of the Baskervilles
One All-New Mystery Card
Two Token Sheets
Moriarty Henchman Bystanders
Irene Adler Disguise Bystanders
Windowed box with diorama display

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Sherlock Holmes (Heroclix Iconix)
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