Shadows of Brimstone: Thunderforged Titan XXL

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Forged with roaring thunder and animated by arcing lightning bound within an armored metal shell, these titanic behemoths are the ultimate warriors of Hel, goddess of death. Bursting through the ancient gates of the Underworld, the towering titans emerge from the cold depths of Niflheim to sow chaos and devastation as they march to war, and the end of all things... Ragnarok!

This XXL Enemy Pack contains everything you need to have Epic battles with the Thunderforged Titans of the Underworld, including a new deck of Titanic Devastation cards that represent the sweeping special attacks that the Thunderforged Titan can unleash upon its foes! It also includes a new Mission, "Twilight of the Gods", which focuses on this hateful and deadly new Enemy!

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Shadows of Brimstone: Thunderforged Titan XXL
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