Shadowrun RPG: Scotophobia

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The highly anticiapted and sought after Shadowrun Scotophobia is on its way and we have it. Scotophobia establishes the main Shadowrun plotline for the next year. Building on the foundation of previous books such as Cutting Black, Slip Streams, Collapsing Now, The Third Parallel, and Astral Ways, it details a nefarious metaplanar plot that could cripple the Sixth World and what runners can do to stop it. With plot hooks, immersive text, and campaign ideas, this sets the stage for exciting, dramatic games for all Shadowrun players.

Includes both in-universe text to help readers feel involved in the events and out-of-character text to help players use the game material.
Works with previous Shadowrun plot and campaign books while setting the stage for major evets to follow.
Provides dramatic cyberpunk-fantasy stories and ideas for anyone looking for compelling plotlines.

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Shadowrun RPG: Scotophobia
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