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Sea Salt & Paper: Extra Salt

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This mini-expansion for Sea Salt & Paper is presented as a booster pack.

It includes 8 new cards with 5 new effects. During setup, shuffle the new cards together with those from the standard game.

ENRICH YOUR SEA SALT AND PAPER GAME: Expand your Sea Salt and Paper experience with the Extra Salt expansion, featuring 8 new cards that introduce exciting gameplay effects.
DIVE INTO NEW STRATEGIES: Explore 5 unique effects with cards like Jellyfish, Lobster, Starfish, Seahorse, and Crab Multiplier to enhance your underwater adventures.
COMBO SCORING: The Jellyfish card rewards clever combinations with Swimmer cards and adds an intriguing twist by limiting opponents' next moves.
LOBBY FOR LOBSTER: Master Lobster combinations with Crab cards to earn additional points while enjoying the strategic challenge of selecting cards from the deck.
TRIO POWER: Utilize Starfish cards to enhance your duos into powerful trios, but watch out for their ability to cancel duo card effects.

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Sea Salt & Paper: Extra Salt
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