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PanOceania: Military Order Hospitaller Action Pack

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The Hospital is the most powerful and influential Religious Military Order in PanOceania. Crusaders for faith and country, they are aware that their mission is to always be ready for the call of duty, which always comes at the darkest hour.

The perfect box to start collecting and playing with the Military Orders.


  • 1x Knight Hospitaller with HMG
  • 1x Knight Hospitaller with Boarding Shotgun
  • 1x Knight Hospitaller Doctor
  • 1x Knight Hospitaller with DA CCW
  • 1x Crusader Brethren with MULTI Rifle
  • 1x Order Sergeant Hacker
  • 1x Order Sergeant with COMBI Rifle and his Auxbot
  • 1x Order Sergeant with Heavy Rocket Launcher
  • 1x Black Friar with MULTI Rifle
  • 1x Joan of Arc with AP CCW

Please Note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and unassembled

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PanOceania: Military Order Hospitaller Action Pack
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