Overlight Sourcebook & GM Screen

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The world of Overlight is a dangerous place, and the path of the Skyborn is not an easy one. The responsibility of wielding the Chroma is as much of a burden as it is a gift. The ignorant fear the Skyborn and their enemies are everywhere. This is a heavy-duty four-panel Game Master screen (with art by Kwanchai Moriya), which presents useful charts and information for easy reference during your game sessions.


In addition to the GM screen, there is also a 40-page sourcebook (with art by Joanna Barnum). This sourcebook, The Skyborn Order and Its Enemies, provides insights and details.


  • Includes a 40 Pg source book with the five major conclaves of the Skyborn Order
  • Rules for allowing PCs to join existing conclaves (or form their own!)
  • Details some of the Skyborn Order's primary adversaries
  • Notable Skyborn NPCs that GMs can weave into their stories

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Overlight Sourcebook & GM Screen
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