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Nomads Paint Set

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The Infinity painting sets are the result of the collaboration between Corvus Belli and Vallejo Hobby Colors.

The Nomad paint set contains an Exclusive Alguacil Miniature (Medikit) only available in this presentation.

You will also find the colors needed to paint your Nomads Faction. In addition, you can follow Ángel Giráldez’s step by step guide designed to assist you in painting your miniature with spectacular results.

A set designed for beginners in the hobby, amateur painters looking to expand their skills, or experts who want to have all the colors needed to paint their favorite miniatures in a single pack.

Black 17ml 70950
Medium Sea Grey 17ml 70870
Hull Red 17ml 70985
Burnt Red 17ml 70814
Flat Red 17ml 70957
Orange Fire 17ml 70008
Sunny Skin Tone 17ml 70845
Ivory 17ml 70918
Exclusive Alguacil Miniature
Painting Guide

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Nomads Paint Set
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