Zipster Binder XL Midnight Blue

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The deep blue of Arcania's Western oceans, where many treasures lay submerged.

Safely store and flaunt your precious cards with a magnificent Zipster XL binder, the album of choice for collectors and traders.

Rest your cards beneath the specially reinforced Dragon Skin cover which saves your precious cards from dents and creases.

The Zipster XL comes with 24 sideloading 24-pocket pages and samples of other Dragon Shield pocket pages. Dragon Shield pocket pages have rounded corners, a black backing and card pockets on each side of the page.
Your collection will look dazzling in elegant Dragon Shield pocket pages.

The robust D-lock rings will reliably hold onto your Dragon Shield pocket pages. The Zipster makes flipping through your collection a joyful experience.
Secure your cards inside the Zipster with a trusty zip that stops cards from slipping out accidentally.

Label for spine
24 clear 24-pocket pages
1 sample non-glare 24-pocket page
1 sample clear 16-pocket page

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Zipster Binder XL Midnight Blue
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