D&D Onslaught: Many Arrows Faction Pack

$59.99 $51.00
Requires a Dungeons & Dragons Onslaught: Core Set to play.

The Many Arrows Faction Pack expands your games of D&D Onslaught with an aggressive, hard-hitting faction largely comprised of Orc warriors and their allies. The Many Arrows specialize in Rooting and Slowing their foes, keeping the opposition from vital objectives and within range of powerful, short-ranged attacks.

Faction Packs are a perfect entry point to start collecting a new faction that will be supported with additional characters and content in the future. You can choose this faction in place of one of the two factions included in the Core Set.

6 highly-detailed, pre-painted miniatures
6 Combat Dial Cards
12 Level Up Cards
2 Many Arrows faction Dice
Gameplay tokens
Rules sheet

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D&D Onslaught: Many Arrows Faction Pack
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