Lift Off! Deluxe Edition


It’s been a fun existence, but someone tripped over a coolant cord in the core and the planet you’ve called home for eons is going to explode.

The objective of Lift Off! Get me off this Planet! is to be the first player to get their Aliens off the planet using resource cards, action cards‚ and phases of the moon.
- Lift Off! Get me off this Planet! is a fresh, lightweight take on unit placement and resource management. The cooperative-to-competitive dynamic and imminent doom creates strong tension and drama at the end of the game.
- It's an easy to learn, fast-paced game, where everyone feels engaged and "in it" until someone has won or the planet explodes!

The Expanded Deluxe Edition is the Original Game plus MUCH MORE
- Single Player mode with unique components
- Increased play count to 6
- New Exit Points
- New Lift Off Points
- The Gurglore
- A player Rocket Ships

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Lift Off! Deluxe Edition
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