Knights of the Round: Academy

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Knights of the Round: Academy is a story-driven role-playing game inspired by Shonen anime, Robot anime of the 90s, Japanese school comedies, and JRPGs, with a dedicated set of rules that will use Traits to describe your characters, and dice to resolve any conflict with interesting and narrative outcomes.

You will also be able to push your Limit by spending points to influence what's going to happen to your character.

The game is set on Brit'an, a planet at war, inspired by the Britain of Arthurian Legends. The players will play a character, the Student, described by a series of Traits, who must juggle ruthless rivals, grueling training, teenage love, and monsters from the past of a planet divided by war, studying at the Academy, a school where to learn how to fight and increasing his their skills as a Student. Each Student is defined by their Traits, words or short sentences that describe something they can do (Hide, Shoot, etc.), that they have studied (Ancient history, Sidhe magic etc.) or that they simply have a knack for (Finding the way, Parley, etc.).

This Corebook contains everything you need to play: options for Students (seven Lineages, 15 Jobs, ideas and suggestions for Traits, Nemesis, Defects...), Locations, Threats, and a guide to the Academy and its life. Also, for the storyteller, a rich chapter on how to run the game and make it look like a real anime.

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Knights of the Round: Academy
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