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Kiwi Chow Down

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Kiwi Chow down is a fast, fun and fruity, area control game for 1-4 players. Control your ravenous kiwi tribe to outnumber your opponents and claim dominance over island sections.

The game is played over four seasons with each season having a different objective to earn rewards. Each season has three rounds and you can either build, move or feed depending on the cards in your hand and the strategy you want to adopt.

1-4 players
Ages 14+
60 minute play time

1 Fruit bag
56 Fruit counters
1 Domain markers bag
56 Domain markers
14 Kiwi leader cards and the 7 corresponding minis
4 Island sections
1 First player marker
1 Season marker
16 Season cards
1 Double-sided Season board
4 Symbol key Reference cards
4 Tum order nests

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Kiwi Chow Down
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