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Kids on Bikes: The Snallygaster Situation

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Something is very wrong in Lakeview. You know it, but nobody believes you, especially not the "adults" who dismiss you for being a kid. You've lived here your whole life, but it was only a little while ago that you started to notice the strange sounds at night, and now the new kid at school has vanished. You're sure that a hideous creature has been unleashed on your town - and it's up to you to defeat it!

In the co-operative game The Snallygaster Situation, which is based on the Kids on Bikes RPG, you and your best friends must face off against one of four diabolical monsters set on destroying Lakeview - and possibly the entire world! Get on your bikes to search for clues about the monster's weakness, find the missing kid it has abducted, and end the threat to your hometown. Oh, and watch out for the Federal agents because they can put a real damper on your epic adventure.

In more detail, one player takes the role of the Lost Kid, selecting a card to play each turn that provides clues about their location such as street names, buildings, or landmarks - but the card also dictates how the monsters and the Feds move and attack on the board. You might have the perfect clue to give, but then the monster will attack one of your friends, sending them back to the treehouse and advancing the "doom marker", i.e., the game's timer.

The other players are trying to defeat the monster and save their friend. On their turns, they use their rides - skateboard, dirt bike, inline skates, etc. - to search the town, look for clues, use special item cards, and avoid the monster, which might be the Jersey Devil, a Dover Demon, Bloody Mary, or (of course) the Snallygaster. Each monster has a different level of difficulty with unique gameplay elements.

Once the Lost Kid is found, they join their friends to try to defeat the monster.

1 Gameboard
1 Pinboard
1 Doom Track and Turn Order Board
1 Secret Map Board
1 Secret Screen
97 Tiles and Tokens
4 Kid Standees
4 Monster Standees
2 Mini Monster Standees
2 Fed Miniatures
38 Lost Kid Cards
33 Search Cards
27 Item Cards
19 Monster Goal Cards
7 Ride Cards
4 Player Aid Cards
4 Monster Story cards
1 Rulebook

Ages: 8+
Players: 2-5
Game Length: 45-60 minutes

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Kids on Bikes: The Snallygaster Situation
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