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Visit the Famous Swedish Folk Market!
The tranquil city of Jokkmokk has hosted a world-famous market and folk festival every February for over 400 years! Visitors from across the globe don their warmest winter gear to experience the beautiful crafts, delicious treats, and breathtaking scenery Jokkmokk has to offer!

Move around the market from morning to night!
In Jokkmokk: The Winter Market, you gather your family for a lovely trip around the folk festival. Each player gets two meeples representing their family members, who will move around the board to gain experiences, food, souvenirs, and more. Two decks will be used to populate the market as the game progresses from the morning to evening.

Claim trinkets and souvenirs as you visit vendor stalls!
The game board is lined with vendor stalls, each with a card representing its wares. Each turn, players will move their family members, claim the item at their current space, and then refill the stalls. Will you focus on gathering charming mementos? Will you enjoy the sights and sounds of winter in northern Sweden? There are many paths to victory and fun in Jokkmokk: The Winter Market.

Ages 12+
1-5 Players
45 Minute Playtime

1 Game board
10 Family Members (2 in each of the 5 Player Colors)
18 Set Reference cards
204 game cards
1 Current Player token
1 Midgame Scoring token
12 "5p" tokens
10 "50p/100p" tokens

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