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Hall of Heroes

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28-35mm Scale

You don’t need to look for another challenge, adventurer. The challenge will find you. Just enter the Hall of Heroes and be ready for anything. Trolls, gnolls, dragons, or even worse . . riddles. A true hero must not rely only on their muscles or magic. Hall of Heroes will test your mind. If you succeed, you will become invincible.

Plastic components.

Approximate Measurements
Walls & Doorways (L x H): 60mm x 50mm
Floors (L x W): 60mm x 60mm
Long Floors (L x W): 119mm x 60mm

6 Walls
3 Doorways
3 Long Walls
3 Long Floors
3 Floors
38 Floor Clips
10 Wall Clips

Terrain supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly are required.

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Hall of Heroes
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