Gloomspite Gitz Grots

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Moonclan Stabbas form ragged ranks that advance upon the foe with gongs clanging and banners waving. Eyes bulging with the madness of the Gloomspite, they pour over the enemy lines and stab wildly at everything in their path.

Stabbas are the core unit for many Gloomspite Gitz army, thanks to their ability to overwhelm foes with vast numbers. You¥ll find them great for capturing objectives or shielding the squishier elements of your army ¥ or for concealing some well-placed Loonsmasha Fanatics...

Inside the set, you¥ll find enough stabbas, pokin¥ spears and Moon Shields to build a unit of Stabbas, or enough Moonclan bows and slittas to build a unit of Shootas. You¥ll also find a choice of Icon Bearers, a Gong Basher, 2 barbed nets and a special stabba for denoting the unit¥s Moonclan Boss.

This kit is supplied in 111 Components and contains 20 x 25mm round bases.

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Gloomspite Gitz Grots
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