Fantasy Miniatures Set (Monsters)

Just because you can't see something, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Delve into the mysterious depths of the forest, where an unseen world teems with life. Amidst the ancient trees and murky waters, many creatures lie hidden, revealing themselves only under the cloak of night… or simply whenever they're hungry.

1x Harpy 1
1x Harpy 2
1x Harpy 3
1x Viper Nest 1
1x Viper Nest 2
1x Frogfolk 1
1x Frogfolk 2
1x Serpent King
1x King Crab
1x Mud Crabs 1
1x Mud Crabs 2
1x Giant Ants 1
1x Giant Ants 2
1x Siren 1
1x Siren 2
1x Abomination
1x Cerberus
1x Soren The Troll
1x Fluffy Dummy
1x Cursed Wendigo
1x Keeper Of The Grove
1x Bush 1
1x Dryad
1x Spider Hunter,
1x Lady Of The Lake
1x Fairy
1x Boat
Please Note:
Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.

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Fantasy Miniatures Set (Monsters)
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