Tapestry: Fantasies & Futures

Parallel universes are abundant in the world of Tapestry. The Fantasies & Futures expansion gives players the opportunity to build civilizations using fantasy and sci-fi inspired civs, technology, tapestries, and cities.


In this third and final expansion to Tapestry, 10 new civilizations, 6 advanced capital city mats, 38 new tapestry cards, and 12 new tech cards are accompanied by comprehensive rulebooks that organizes all rules for Tapestry and the 3 expansions in one place (multiplayer and solo). The package also includes a few replacement cards from previous expansions: 3 landmark cards, Oil Paint, and Migration.

Some of the new tapestry cards include a new “charm” mechanism that provides one-time bonuses; some new tapestry and tech cards include exciting payoffs reserved for the final income turn.

Fantasies & Futures is fully compatible with any combination of the core game, the other Tapestry expansions, and the natural rubber playmat. It is packaged in an eco-friendly, sturdy, recyclable envelope.

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Tapestry: Fantasies & Futures
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