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Fallout: Wasteland Warfare: Two-Player Starter

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This Fallout: Wasteland Warfare two player starter set contains 32mm scale high-quality multi-part pre-assembled PVC miniatures with scenic bases. Miniatures are fully assembled in the factory. You can upgrade this with the Resin Two Player Starter Models set to get all the miniatures (except Deathclaw available separately) in multi-part high-quality resin.

12 Pre-Assembled Multi-Part Hardened PVC Miniatures:

  • 1x Aviator Head Super Mutant
  • 1x Super Mutant Brute
  • 1 x Standard Super
  • Mutant
  • 2 x Super Mutant Hounds
  • 1x Nora (the Sole Survivor)
  • 1x Dogmeat
  • 1x Enslaved Tech Survivor
  • 2x Settlers (one male, one female)
  • 1x Brotherhood of Steel Aspirant in T-60 Power Amour
  • 1x Deathclaw
  • 12x scenic bases (will be affixed to models)

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Fallout: Wasteland Warfare: Two-Player Starter
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