Wasteland Warfare: Raiders Overlords

This miniatures set is part of the NUKA WORLD wave for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare!

'I've noticed the Overboss position has a revolving door policy, just the door leads into a minefield.'

Somehow, there is a leadership structure in place in the madhouse that is Nukaworld. All the gangs answer to the Overboss at this particular moment in time, Colter holds that lofty position. His 'always' trustworthy right hand man Porter Gage does his best to keep knives out of his bosses (and his) back, and both turn to the font of Wasteland information that is Shank whenever they need to know what's happening in the big wide world.

1 Colter
1 Porter Gage
1 Shank

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Wasteland Warfare: Raiders Overlords
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