Falling Leaves Dice Set


The Beauty of Fall has been Captured in this Limited Edition Seasonal Creation! One end of the dice are frosted with a transition to clear with maple leaves floating inside the dice. The leaves are poured by hand which makes every single die unique. Some dice will have more leaves, some less, some leaves may be on the bottom of the die, while some may be suspended in mid-air. The distribution of the leaves is truly random which makes this set a piece of artwork that also happens to be functional. We cannot guarantee that the dice will roll 100% fairly, but from all of our testing, they are very balanced.

7 Dice Set Includes: 

  • 1-D4
  • 1-D6
  • 1-D8
  • 1-D10
  • 1-D% (00-90)
  • 1-D12
  • 1-D20

Material: Resin

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Falling Leaves Dice Set
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