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Exiled Legends


The greatest stories are still being written.

For eons, exiled warriors and dangerous beasts have been banished to a barren wasteland. Hailing from distant elemental domains, these fighters and monsters have assembled in the Banesphere to battle for control.

Choose your Legend and assemble your team of Heroes for battle in the Banesphere. Use your team’s offensive and defensive abilities to wear down and weaken your opponents while keeping your warriors in the action. Play as one of five elemental-themed teams, and be the last one standing to achieve victory!

  • Exiled legends is for 2–5 players (recommended for ages 14+)
  • The game takes 30–60 minutes to play and features breathtaking fantasy artwork
  • The box contains 70 cards, 5 oversized cards, 80 tokens, 1 dice, and a rule book

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Exiled Legends
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