Evolution: The Butterfly Effect

An ecosystem combines living organisms and the environment, which exist in close connection with each other. A change in any element affects the entire ecosystem, but due to its stability, equilibrium is quickly restored. Sometimes, a random event leads to the butterfly effect, an unpredictable cascade of changes that can completely transform the

Butterfly Effect is an add-on expansion to the game Evolution: New World. The new animal traits allow you to fine-tune the game ecosystem, create new survival strategies, and maybe even win the Alien World scenario.

With Butterfly Effect, you can increase the number of players up to 6, or play solo against merciless Dominator or Devastator.

Ages 11+
1-6 players
30-60 minute playtime

50 Evolution Cards
2 Area Cards
2 Alien Boards for Solo Mode
2 Blank Alien Boards
12 Red Tokens
6 Blue Tokens
4 Yellow Tokens
6 Shelter Tokens
1 Butterfly Token
Scenario Board
Butterfly Effect Expansion Rulebook

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Evolution: The Butterfly Effect
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