Evolution: New World

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Evolution: New World tells the story of how animals of all shapes and sizes develop and evolve. The game lets players take control of the evolutionary process across an entire ecosystem and create populations of species competing for scarce resources.

In Evolution: New World, you create animals and give them traits essential to surviving in an ever-changing environment.

Over the course of six Epochs, your successful animals evolve and procure food, while poorly adapted species become extinct or fall prey to predators. At the end of the game, victory points are awarded for your surviving animals and the traits they possess. The player with the most points wins the game.

Ages 11+
2-4 players
30-60 minute playtime

96 Evolution Cards
20 Area Cards
4 Player Aids
First Player Token
20 Red Tokens
15 Blue Tokens
10 Yellow Tokens
5 Shelter Tokens
Reference Guide
2 Trait Reference Sheets
Six-Sided Die
Plastic Storage Tray

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Evolution: New World
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