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Doomtown: Hell's Comin' with Me

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Gomorra is a boomtown on the edge of California¥s Great Maze, that part of the coast that sunk into the water in 1863, creating a labyrinth of rock riddled with the super fuel known as ghost rock. Over the years, the town was destroyed time and again: by outlaws, demons, cultist fanatics, and more. Most recently, it was ravaged by the Fourth Ring Circus and the Sloane Gang.

In the aftermath, the deputies Xiong ¥Wendy¥ Cheng and Lucinda ¥Lucy¥ Clover left for greener pastures. Unfortunately, the pastures they chose were Tombstone, Arizona. They arrived just in time to see the conflict between the Cowboys and Earps reach its fever pitch.

On top of that, the mysterious Bayou Vermilion Railroad had also set up shop in town, and Tombstone¥s been suffering its own supernatural problems.

And back in Gomorra, a familiar figure rides northward: Jonah Essex, a mysterious huckster associated with the worst events in Gomorra¥s recent years. He rides toward Deadwood, Dakota, and if the town knew what was good for them, they would fear his coming.

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Doomtown: Hell's Comin' with Me
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