Darwin's Journey

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When all you can identify in the horizon for many long days is the line that detaches the sea from the sky, the glimpse of a distant shore appearing before you will make you shiver at the understanding that the adventure is about to begin.

You find yourself astonished, landing on the shore that will be the origin of an extensive exploration through the Galapagos, a magic place of inconceivable beauty and endless biodiversity. There, you will gather repertoires and expand your knowledge of the natural sciences. Your eyes will learn how to detect the hidden species in the tropical forest, gazing at the countless colors and textures of nature. After inspiring hours spent studying and getting to enlightening conclusions, you will rest under a sparkling sky, admiring the stunning complexity of the animal realm.

Darwin's Journey is a worker-placement Eurogame in which players recall Charles Darwin's memories of his adventure through the Galapagos islands, which contributed to the development of his theory of evolution.

Ages 14+
1-4 players
30min/player play time

1 Game Board
16 Crew cards
56 Regular Wax Seals
12 Special Wax Seals
82 tokens,
40 Coins
60 tiles
1 Player aid sheet
4 personal boards
20 wooden workers
12 wooden explorers
4 wooden ships
16 wooden cubes
20 wooden tents
24 lens tokens
48 stamps

Solo Components:
4 Alfred alternative boards
8 Alfred cards
8 Alfred bonus track cards

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Darwin's Journey
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