D&D PHB Book Tabs

Never lose your place with adhesive book tabs for the Player's Handbook. This pack contains 168 acrylic tabs designed to help busy adventurers keep track of important sections like Actions in Combat, Feats, and even blank tabs for complete customization.

The Player's Handbook book tab pack contains the following:
24 Large tabs
1 Introduction
1 Chapter 1: Character Creation
1 Chapter 2: Races
1 Chapter 3: Classes
1 Chapter 4: Personality and Background
1 Chapter 5: Equipment
1 Chapter 6: Customization Options
1 Chapter 7: Using Ability Scores
1 Chapter 8: Adventuring
1 Chapter 9: Combat
1 Chapter 10: Spellcasting
1 Appendix A: Conditions
8 Blank tabs
144 other Small tabs that cover various subchapters and sections of interest!

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D&D PHB Book Tabs
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