Cyberpunk Paint Set - Trauma Team


The Trauma Team paint set contains an exclusive miniature of Doc Salvage and a dedicated step-by-step painting guide by ngel Girldez. Only the best of the best earn a spot as a fast and furious member of Trauma Team. Loaded up with the best gear and weapons money can buy, Trauma Team is on-call to pull your bloody carcass out of an ongoing firefight and piece you back together. The exorbitant price of a Trauma Team subscription is worth the investment in these violent times - the sort of peace of mind only money can buy.

Paints Included:
72001 Dead White
72021 Magic Blue 
72012 Scarlet Red 
72047 Wolf Grey 
72106 Scarlet Blood
72144 Heavy Blue Grey
72023 Electric Blue
72051 Black

*Limited inventory, will not be restocking

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Cyberpunk Paint Set - Trauma Team
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