Cyberpunk Paint Set - Lawman


The Lawmen paint set contains an exclusive miniature of Sgt. Suouand a dedicated step-by-step painting guide by ngel Girldez.Wearing a badge in Night City means taking a stand against chaos to keep the streets safe. Even with flying AFVs, armored response teams, and enough firepower to douse a city block in bullets, the law is still out-matched,out-numbered, and out-gunned. The criminals, gangs, and cyberpsychoscarry military-grade hardware. Every shift is a meat grinder and every patrolis a roll of lifes dice.

Paints Included:
70918 Ivory
72048 Sombre Grey
70934 Transparent Red
72019 Night Blue
72140 Heavy Skin Tone
72068 Smokey Ink
72049 Stone Wall Grey
72051 Black

*Limited inventory, will not be restocking

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Cyberpunk Paint Set - Lawman
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